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Palmer Fire & Rescue Photos

Asst Chief Russell and other members of the department submit pictures/video for the Palmer Fire & Rescue website when able. 



Jan 17th Structure Fire
The back side of the structure where the porch is (taken from Center Street through the trees about 200' away)

Jan 17th, Palmer Fire and Palmer Ambulance responded to a structure fire under a porch.  Palmer 1 (Chief McNutt) requested Central MatSu for tanker/manpower response.  Palmer 1 arrived, confirmed all-clear, and established Center Command.

Apparatus on scene: Engine 312, Tanker 311, Tanker 321, Tanker 351, Tanker 611, Tanker 521, Palmer Ambulance, and 4 Command Vehicles (Palmer/Central).  Approx 25 personnel were on scene during this fire.

Pictures provided by A/C Russell.

Feb 3rd Car Fire
Captains Lundin and Prevost prepare to attack the vehicle fire.

On Feb 3rd, between 1100-1200 hours, Palmer Fire responded to a vehicle fire on the Palmer-Wasilla Hwy in front of Trinity Barn Plaza.  Palmer 32 established Arabian Command and had Engine 312 continue code red.  Fire was extinguished.

Picture provided by A/C Russell.

Feb 3rd Structure fire
Engine 312 in driveway, hoselines deployed, and supply line ready for 1st tanker to provide water.

Palmer Fire and Palmer Ambulance responded to a report of a structure fire just before 1600hrs.  While enroute, Palmer 32 (A/C Russell) requested Butte and Central Fire Depts be paged for tanker support.

On arrival, an all-clear was confirmed.  Byers Command established, utilities secured, and units requested to continue response code red. 

Engine 312 personnel deployed 2 crosslays and knocked down the fire, keeping it from spreading.  Ventilation and overhaul performed.  Unit cleared scene.

Units on scene or responded: Engine 312, Engine 311, Tanker 321, Support 32, Tanker 212, Tanker 521, Palmer Ambulance, and 3 Command Vehicles (Palmer/Central).  23 personnel worked this fire.

Pictures provided by A/C Russell.

Feb 8th Structure fire
The front door was left open when the occupants escaped, thus allowing oxygen in furthering fire growth.

On Feb 8th, just after 0134 hrs, Palmer Fire & Rescue along with Palmer Ambulance were dispatched to a structure fire off Bonnie Drive.  Reported all occupants were out of the structure.

While enroute, Palmer 1 (Chief McNutt) requested that Central MatSu Fire be paged for a tanker response.  Palmer 32 (Asst Chief Russell) arrived on scene, confirmed that the structure was on fire, requested additional Palmer Fire tones, an additional tanker from Central Fire, and established Bonnie Command.  Palmer 1 met the occupants at Palmer Fishhook and Bonnie Drive (confirmed all-clear).

Responding apparatus included: Engine 312, Tanker 321, Tanker 331, Support 32, Tanker 521, Tanker 611, Palmer Ambulance, and 5 command vehicles (Palmer/Central).  24 fire/ambulance personnel were on scene.

Pictures provided by Trooper Jamison-Ewers and Asst Chief Russell.

March 5th Single vehicle accident
Passenger side isn't too bad.

March 5th, at approximately 2330 hours - Palmer Fire & Rescue, Palmer Ambulance, Palmer Police, and the Alaska State Troopers responded to a single vehicle rollover on the Outer Springer Loop.

Palmer Police arrived  and confirmed nobody was in the vehicle.  Upon searching, the driver was found about 10-15 feet from the vehicle.  Palmer Ambulance personnel, Palmer 1 (Chief McNutt), and PPD officers packaged the patient without delay.  Patient was transported to MatSu Regional with severe injuries.

Palmer Rescue provided lighting and assistance during the investigation of the incident.  Pictures taken and provided by Lt Hignutt and AC Russell.

March 8th Single vehicle accident
Searching for the driver

March 8th at approximately 1930 hours, Palmer Fire & Rescue, Palmer Ambulance, and Alaska State Troopers responded to a report of a single vehicle accident. 

On arrival, Palmer 32 (Russell) advised that nobody was in the vehicle.  All units reduced response code.  On arrival of other units, lights were set up for a more thorough search of the area.  Nobody was found.  It was later reported that the driver was picked up by a passerby.

Units clear and available.  Pictures taken and provided by AC Russell.

March 19th Central Structure Fire
AC Russell arrived on Tanker 311. After providing water to Engine 651, this picture was taken.

March 19, 2010 at approximately 0630, Central Mat-Su Fire Dept responded to a fully-involved structure fire.  While units were enroute, dispatch was advised to page Palmer Fire and West Lakes Fire for tanker and personnel support. 

Central units on scene included 1 engine, 2 tankers, 1 rescue truck, 1 ambulance, Chief 1 (FC), rehab unit, and numerous personnel.  Palmer Fire responded 2 tankers, 1 engine, and Palmer 1 (FC) - 5 personnel.  West Lakes Fire sent 2 tankers and Lakes 31 (AC) - 6 personnel.

All occupants escaped the structure without injury.  Pictures provided by AC Russell (Palmer).

March 28th Natural gas leak
FF Brickel and the Enstar rep work at clearing snow away from the gas line.

March 28, 2010 - Palmer Fire and Palmer Ambulance responded for the report of someone smelling gas at their residence.  Capt Prevost established command.  After investigating, Capt Prevost requested Enstar respond as well.

Further investigation revealed a leak at the outside joint on the north side of the house.  The weight of the snow may have assisted in causing this leak.  Scene was turned over to Enstar and the homeowner.

Pictures taken and provided by AC Russell.

April 6th 3 vehicle accident
The driver was out and sitting in another vehicle until medical attention received and transported.

Palmer Fire & Rescue, Palmer Ambulance, Butte Ambulance, Palmer Police, and Alaska State Troopers responded for a three vehicle accident at the north intersection of the Inner and Outer Springer, by the State DOT yard.  Asst Chief Russell established DOT Command.

2 patients were transported - 1 person was trapped in their vehicle and was extricated while the other patient was out of their vehicle when medics arrived.  The driver of the 3rd vehicle denied injury and refused medical attention.

Pictures taken and provided by Asst Chief Russell.

April 17th Single Vehicle accident
I've heard of leaving dust in your wake but this is making tracks.

April 17th - Palmer Police, Palmer Fire & Rescue, and Palmer Ambulance responded for a single vehicle accident on the Glenn Highway (the top of Bailey Hill).  Asst Chief Byers established Command 31 and notified Dispatch that the vehicle had struck a guide wire for the telephone pole.

Pictures taken and provided by Asst Chief Byers.

May 4th Head-on accident
Glenn Highway closed by motor-vehicle accident.

May 4, 2010 about 0804 hours, the Alaska State Troopers, Palmer Fire & Rescue, Palmer Ambulances 1 & 2, Central Ambulance 1, and MSB Animal Control responded to a report of a head-on accident located on the Glenn Highway and Colleen St.  Chief McNutt established Glenn Command.

The highway was closed for approx 1.5 hours until the roadway was cleaned and cleared of the vehicles involved.  A total of 4 patients were transported to a medical care facility.

Units on scene - AST, Animal Control, PA#1, PA#2, CA#1, Medic 1 (cv), 4 command rigs, Rescue 31, and Engine 312.

Pictures taken and proved by Chief McNutt.

May 4th Joint Training with Central Mat-Su Fire
Central FFs soak the edge of the field with foam before burning begins.

On the evening on May 4th, 7 members of Palmer Fire & Rescue joined Central Mat-Su Fire Dept in burning a field behind the Experimental Farm off Trunk Rd in Palmer.

92 pictures taken and provided by DC Axtell/AC Russell - only posting 13 pics.

May 7th Brush fire in Butte
Butte engine with Forestry helo in background preparing for takeoff.

May 7th at approx 1620 hours, Forestry and Butte Fire Dept responded to a brushfire.  First unit on scene requested additional apparatus and personnel from Palmer Fire & Rescue.  The fire was spreading rapidly and was threatening several structures.  Approx 4 acres and misc items burned but nobody got hurt.

Butte Fire had 6 apparatus along with several personnel on scene.  Forestry had 5 apparatus and 1 helicopter at this fire and additionally sent a crew to work the fire after it was contained.  Palmer Fire sent Tanker 311, Tanker 331, Brush 31, Quick Attack 33, CV33 w/pump, CV35 w/pump, and CV31 (9 personnel total).

Pictures taken and provided by AC Russell. 

May 10th, Single Vehicle into Building
Doesn't look to bad from here. Just looks like some broken and overturned lawn chairs. Let's take a closer look!

May 10, 2010 - At about 1500 hours, Palmer Rescue, Palmer Ambulance, and Palmer Police responded to the Palmer Senior Citizens Center for a vehicle that had run into the building.

On arrival, Chief McNutt established command.  Units continued response.  2 adults were transported to the local medical facility for minor injuries.  The vehicle was later removed from the building and the wall boarded up.

Pictures taken and provided by Asst Chiefs Byers and Russell.

May 11th, Motor vehicle accident
Both door already removed. Crews prepare to get the driver out.

May 11, 2010 - at about 1255 hours, Palmer Fire & Rescue, Palmer Ambulances 1 & 2, and the Alaska State Troopers responded to a motor vehicle accident on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway.

Asst Chief Russell established command.  1 driver was entrapped while the other driver was already out of their vehicle.  Rescue personnel proceeded to remove the doors from the driver side of the car and assisted medics with patient packaging.  Scene turned over to AST.

Pictures taken and provided by Asst Chief Russell and Lt Meneses.

May 17th, Live Fire training
Chief McNutt discusses the plan for burning with State Forestry members.

At 1900 hours, Palmer Fire & Rescue with the assistance of State Forestry, burned a 2 acre field near Smith Road.  It was extremely good training for those who don't make many of our wildland/grass fire calls.

Pictures taken and provided by Asst Chiefs Byers & Russell.

May 22nd, Motorhome fire
Cab doesn't look to good.

At about 1230 hours, Palmer Fire & Rescue responded for a motorhome fire near Smith Road.  Asst Chief Byers arrived, established command, and knocked down the fire with the 150 gallon pump in his command vehicle.  Other units and personnel arrived to assist in final extinguishment and overhaul.

Units - CV33, CV35, Engine 312, Tanker 311, and Support 31.  (10 personnel)

Pictures taken and provided by Asst Chief Russell.

June 24th, Sutton structure fire
Receiving assignments

Palmer Fire & Rescue responded to assist Sutton Fire Dept at a structure fire.  Provided manpower and water.  Assisted with extinguishment and salvage/overhaul.

Provided by Asst Chief Russell

July 20th, Single airplace crash
At least it was a fairly soft landing compared to a crash on pavement.

Palmer Rescue and Ambulance responded for a reported plane crash just south of the Palmer Golf Course.  Investigation revealed that nobody was hurt.  Scene turned over to the Alaska State Troopers.

Provided by A/C Russell.

August 5th, Structure fire *2
Capt Prevost cooling down the items in the shed.

On Aug 5th, Palmer Fire & Rescue along with Palmer Ambulance responded for a shed on fire.  On arrival, units found that the fire and spread to wildland and a nearby garage.  The shed was destroyed and damage was minimal to the garage.

Pictures provided by A/C Byers and Lt Hignutt.

Aug 7th, 2 vehicle incident
Doesn't look good.

At approximately 0030 hours, Palmer Rescue and Butte Ambulance responded to a 2 vehicle accident at Glenn Hwy and Palmer Fishhook Rd.  Everyone was out of the vehicle and only 1 person was transported to the hospital.

Provided by A/C Russell.

Aug 8th, Structure fire off Wasilla Fishhook
From DC Keenan's command vehicle. 1st on scene.

At approximately 1313 hours, Palmer Fire & Rescue, Central Mat-Su Fire Dept, and Central Ambulance responded for a reported structure fire.

The single occupant made it out of the house with a dog and called 911.  There was heavy damage but no injuries.  Fire extinguished and property turned back over to the owner.

Pics provided by Deputy Chief Keenan (CMSFD) and A/C Russell (PF&R).

Aug 10th, MVA on Glenn Hwy near Farm Loop
Major front-end damage.

Aug 10, 2010 - Palmer Ambulance, Rescue, and the AK State Troopers responded for a MVA head-on accident. 

Palmer 32 established Glenn Command, occupant of vehicle #1 out walking, and found 1 person entrapped in vehicle #2.  Highway was closed down, patient was extricated, and taken to MatSu Regional Medical Center.

Command terminated, scene turned over to AST.

Pictures taken/provided by A/C Russell.

Oct 14th, MVA Glenn Hwy @ Palmer Fishhook Rd
Vehicle #1 is the car and vehicle #2 is the SUV.

AST, Palmer Ambulance, and Palmer Rescue responded for a MVA at Glenn Hwy and Palmer Fishhook Rd.

Found 1 person still inside vehicle #1.  Door was hyper-extended and occupant stepped out.  3 patients from vehicle #2 were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Pictures provided by A/C Russell.

Oct 21st, Car fire
Initial attack.

Oct 21st, Palmer Fire, Ambulance, and Police responded for a vehicle fire on the Glenn Hwy next to the Ak State Fair Grounds.  Unkown if all-clear.

Palmer 32 established command, confirmed that both occupants were out of the vehicle and safe.  Crew from Engine 312 extinguished the fire and conducted salvage and overhaul.  Owner of the vehicle was grateful to recover items.

Pictures provided by A/C Russell.

Oct 25th, MVA/vehicle fire on Edgerton Parks
Command positioned apparatus to close the road during the call.

Oct 25th, units responded for a MVA head-on with one of the vehicles reported to be on fire.

Palmer 31 arrived, confirmed location, and advised units to continue.  Advised everyone was out of the vehicles and confirmed 1 vehicle on fire.  Road was closed.

Fire extinguished.  1 patient taken to hospital.  Scene turned over to AST.

Pictures taken/provided by A/C Russell.

Nov 13th, Vehicle vs snowmachine

On Nov 13th, Rescue and Ambulance personnel responded for a vehicle vs snowmachine incident.  A young male driving the snowmachine became trapped under the vehicle.

Units arrived, patient was removed from under the vehicle, and performed CPR.  LifeMed helicopter responded and transported the patient to Provident Hospital in Anchorage.   

Patient survived this incident.  No pictures will be shown without permission.

Dec 7th, Garage fire
Lt Hignutt pulling insulation from the wall while checking for extension of the fire.

Dec 7th, at approx 5am, Palmer Fire and Palmer Ambulance responded to a reported structure fire. 

Palmer 32 arrived and established command.  The renter had deployed a garden hose to knock down some of the fire.  Engine 312 deployed 1 hoseline to finish with extinguishment.  Crews performed salvage and overhaul.

Scene turned over the the occupants and units available.

Pictures taken/provided by A/C Russell

Dec 7th, Chicken coop fire
Working in the chicken coop.

Dec 7th afternoon, Butte and Palmer Fire units responded for a chicken coop on fire.

Palmer 32 established command and got units positioned for extinguishment.  Command was transferred to Butte 31.  Salvage and overhaul was performed.  Nearly 20 chicken was rescued.

Pictures taken/provided by A/C Russell.

Dec 12th, MVA on Palmer Fishhook
The smaller vehicle. Trees had to be cut down before driver was removed.

Dec 12th - Palmer Rescue and Ambulance along with AST responded to a vehicle accident near Palmer Fishhook and Farm Loop Roads.

Palmer 63 established command.  Driver of the smaller vehicle had to extricated although there was no complaints of injury.  Assignment completed and scene turned over to AST. 

Units available.

Pictures provided by A/C Russell.

Jan 2, 2011
Fire in the garage

Jan 2, 2011 - Palmer Fire and Ambulance responded for a structure fire.  The fire was contained to the garage.  Personnel extinguished the fire and searched for extension.  No extension found.

Pics provided by AC Russell

Jan 11, 2011
Structure fire

Jan 11, 2011 - Palmer Fire and Palmer Ambulance responded for reports of a structure fire.  Reports came from children that lived in the house and people driving near Mile 58 Glenn Hwy.

On arrival, structure was totally involved and fire had spread into the wildland.  The children had escaped the house and were located at a neighbor's house.  Butte Fire Dept also was requested and responded with tankers and personnel.

The wildland fire was extinguished while the house fire was being fought.  Due to heavy winds and extreme cold, the fire was not totally extinguished until the next day.

Pics provided by AC Russell.

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