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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people live in the City of Palmer? 
The July 1, 2014 population for the City was estimated to be 6,085 by the Alaska Department of Labor.

How big is the City? 
Palmer’s city limits encompass approximately 5.07 square miles.

Do I need a permit to build?
Yes. If you plan to construct a new building, add to, or remodel, an existing building, or change the use of a building, you need to obtain a building permit from the Community Development Department.   Storage buildings, decks and fences also require permits.

Before applying for a building permit, you may want to call the Community Development office at 745-3709x1 to ensure what you want to construct is allowed in your zoning district.

How do I find out my zoning district? 
A copy of the zoning map is available on this website. Just click City Maps under the Resource Center bar at the top of the homepage, or you may visit our offices at 645 E. Cope Industrial Way. Other maps on the website include a city map with legal descriptions, a house numbers map and voting precinct maps.

What is allowed in my zoning district?
Palmer Municipal Code Title 17, the Zoning Code, is available on this website. Just click Palmer Municipal Code under the Resource Center bar at the top of the homepage and scroll down to Title 17. Descriptions of all zoning districts are included in this title. If you have specific questions about what is allowed within your zoning district, call the Community Development Department at 745-3709x1.

I have received a notice letter in the mail for a public hearing.  Why did I get one and what does it mean?
Some zoning applications require a public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission before a final decision is made. City Code requires that property owners, as shown on the Borough assessment records, within 1,200 feet of a proposed rezoning, variance, or conditional use permit be notified of the application by mail. The notice describes the requested action, identifies the property, and states the date, time and place of the public hearing. You are not required to take any action upon receipt of a notice letter. The notice is an invitation to comment on the application.

How do I annex into the City of Palmer?
If you are interested in annexing your property into the City of Palmer, you may contact the Community Development Department at 745-3709x1. The annexation process is established and regulated by the State Local Boundary Commission. You can find more information on regulations governing annexations at the following website,

How much will a building permit cost? 
Building permit fees are based on the valuation (cost) of the construction being done.  Fence permits are a set fee of $24.50 and sign permits are based on the type and square footage of the sign.  Contact our office at 745-3709x1 for further information.

If I need a Conditional Use Permit, how much will it cost?
The fee for processing a Conditional Use Permit is $250.

Do I need a permit to put up a sign? 
Yes, sign permits are required.  Sign permit fees are based on the type and number of signs and the total square footage.  Palmer Municipal Code Title 14 (available on the website) includes the regulations and fees for signs in the city.  For further information, feel free to contact us at 745-3709x1.

What is the seismic zone, wind load and snow load in Palmer?
The seismic zone is D2, wind load is 110 mph with a wind exposure B or C, and the snow load is a 40 lb. roof load.  If further information is necessary, please contact us at 745-3709x1.

Where can I get applications and forms?
Forms and applications for the Department of Community Development can be obtained on the city website under the Resource Center bar on the homepage or by visiting the office at 645 E. Cope Industrial Way. 


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